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Zakynthos, Fiore Levante is another Ionian island endowed with nature with unique beauties. It is the southernmost island of the cluster and the third in the area and population of the Ionian islands. It is located south of Kefalonia and west of the Peloponnese. Its privileged geographical location gives the traveler the opportunity to easily visit the other Ionian Islands or the opposite Peloponnesian beaches, famous for their beauty.
It is a mountainous island characterized by the pine-covered mountains and the fertile plains, which give Zakynthos endlessly green landscapes. While the idyllic beaches of the island, rocky coasts, impressive sea caves attract admirers of the islands visitors. Here you will find some of the most famous beaches of island Greece, such as the Shipwreck, Lagana, Volimes with the Blue Caves, Gerakas and many others. During the tour, anyone on the island is impressed by the unforgettable natural beauty of the island, the historical monuments and the hospitable inhabitants.
The island is one of the last shelters of the sea turtle Caretta - Caretta and the monk seal Monachus - Monachus. That is why the National Marine Park was founded on the island to protect them, in the bay of Laganas. Zakynthos is an island with a distinct culture. Met great spiritual growth and gave birth to great personalities who excelled in fine arts, literature, poetry, etc. It is the homeland of our national poet Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos. It is the place where Gregory Xenopoulos lived and many other personalities of our modern history. It is the island of kantada and operetta. Here, all emotions are dressed in notes. How then one does not worship Zakynthos? It has it all. History, sights, imposing mountains, lush forests and fertile plains, endless sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Together they embody the summer dream of every imaginable traveler. Visit Zakynthos and discover the terrestrial paradise.
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